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My Monastery Is a Minivan:
35 Stories from a
Real Life

Stories of finding wisdom in the everyday . . .

"The humour and honesty of Denise Roy's writing pulled me in right away. If you are not a saint but an ordinary man or woman hoping to live the joys and trials of daily life with your eyes and your heart wide open to the sacred, this is a book for you."

-Oriah Mountain Dreamer
Author of The Invitation and The Dance

If we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, wisdom can be found in even the simplest of ordinary moments--driving to work, getting children ready for school, or sitting with a child on our lap.

These stories invite us to recognize the grace that exists within our own everyday lives. We don't need to pull over and look for enlightenment; the divine is always present, even in the carpool lane!